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Please direct all inquiries regarding site navigation to the address listed above. As with any business we are dedicated to continuous improvement of our site and services. We look forward to any suggestions or feedback that will make your visit with us the best it can possibly be.


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Do you have an idea that would make a great shirt that will fit our genre? Send it to the address above and, if chosen, our team of highly skilled graphic artists will make your idea into a reality. But that’s not all. If chosen, you will be given one of two options to cash in on your idea.



As compensation for our use of your design we will pay you $250.00 USD as well as give you ANY 5 shirts found on our site.


As compensation for use of your design we will pay you a fixed amount of $1.50 per unit sold for the lifetime of our company.


By submitting your idea to CEO@damntees.com you are agreeing that if chosen you will forfeit all rights associated with such design in return for the compensation listed above. A design once chosen will become the sole property of Damntees.com and all its subsidiaries.


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Please direct all public relations concerns to the address as listed above. Here at Damn Tees we place a high value on our public image and the perception of consumers potential and existing.